Scan Exemption Rule

Triggers an Exemption rule scan job on-demand.

The job requires a rule_id and will only work under following criteria:

  • an Exemption rule exists for the provided rule_id
  • the matching rule must have at least one regular expression string to look for

This job creates Insight Exemption for resources meeting following criteria:

  • The resource must be a member of the same organization (sharing the same organization_id) as the rule
  • The resource must not already be actively exempted for the Insight specified by rule's target Insight

An active Exemption must be:

  • enabled
  • start_date is before the current timestamp
  • expiration_date is after the current timestamp or is not set
  • Resource must be of the same resource_type as the rule's target resource type
  • Resource must have resource_id or name that matches at least one of rule's target regex_strings