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InsightCloudSec by Rapid7 (formerly DivvyCloud) is a Cloud-Native Security Platform that provides real-time analysis and automated remediation for continuous security and compliance for your multi-cloud environment.

For questions reach out to us through [email protected].

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Welcome to the InsightCloudSec Product Docs

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Rebranding In Progress

Rebranding for DivvyCloud, now InsightCloudSec is ongoing. Logos, URLs, text, and images may reference either InsightCloudSec or DivvyCloud.

The most important thing to note is that the product functionality has remained the same. If you have any questions or concerns reach out to [email protected].

Getting Started with InsightCloudSec

InsightCloudSec (formerly DivvyCloud) is a fully-integrated cloud-native security platform (CNSP) that enables organizations to drive cloud security forward through continuous security & compliance.

With InsightCloudSec, Rapid7 is the first organization to bring together a single solution that integrates posture management, identity & access management, infrastructure-as-code, and Kubernetes workload protection to enable teams to safely speed up their cloud adoption without compromise.

Initial integrations with other solutions on the Rapid7 Insight Platform have already begun. InsightCloudSec will continue to integrate with additional parts of the Insight platform to provide shared visibility, context, and automation across customer environments.

These cross-platform integrations will make it easier for functional teams across IT, Security, Compliance, and Infrastructure to get the right information, in the right place, at the right time to eliminate barriers and accomplish broad organizational goals more effectively.

Additional Resources

Using These Docs

The InsightCloudSec product documentation contains a variety of content including: details of deployment for self-hosted and SaaS customers, step-by-step configuration of various features, instructions on integrations, and more.

This section of the documentation (What is InsightCloudSec) provides high-level information about InsightCloudSec and includes: an FAQ, a highlight of some key product features, a glossary, details on getting support, and two individual Getting Started guides customized for self-hosted/SaaS and hosted customers. Click below to skip to any of those pages.

Documentation Questions & Feedback

Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) are constantly adding services and capabilities. As a platform with support for multiple CSPs, we are committed to continually updating both our product and our documentation to reflect those changes.

We do our best to keep things up-to-date and provide the content you need around new features and capabilities. However, if you find content that you have questions about or don't find information that you're looking for in our documentation, reach out to us through [email protected].

You can also make direct suggestions on specific pages. Use the Suggest Edits button on any page throughout our documentation at the top right on each page.

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Welcome to the InsightCloudSec Product Docs

Basic Information Around Navigating the InsightCloudSec Product Documentation

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