Using the Documentation

Feature overview and best practices for navigating and using the documentation to your advantage

The InsightCloudSec documentation is built using ReadMe, which offers several features that help users interact with the documentation and provide feedback. Outlined below are the main elements of the documentation. Read more details about each element to help you navigate and take advantage of our documentation!


There are three main types of navigation within the InsightCloudSec documentation:

  • Top Navigation
  • Site Navigation
  • Page-specific Table of Contents

Here's a diagram showing these in an example:


Top Navigation

The top navigation (red box) allows you to jump between the documentation, API reference, release notes, and support portal. Next to the four primary navigation links are quick links to contact the InsightCloudSec sales team and documentation account info (if logged in). Below that, there's breadcrumbs (including a documentation version selector if you're using a particular version of the product) and the search capability.

Logging In

Logging into the InsightCloudSec documentation (yellow box) enables the ability to log in and suggest edits to any page of the documentation, including the API Reference. To log you will need an email; ReadMe will send a login link to the provided email by default, removing the need for a traditional account/password creation process.

The InsightCloudSec documentation team highly recommends creating a ReadMe account so you can provide us with feedback. If you have already logged in, you can click your email address in the top right-hand corner and review any suggested edits you have submitted, review any saved edits that have not been submitted, and review the status of any suggested edits. You can also check out ReadMe's docs on this feature for more information.

Site Navigation

The site navigation (purple box) is available on the documentation and API reference sites and allows you to move between sections and pages of the documentation or API reference. The InsightCloudSec documentation team has organized the sections of the documentation site from most to least used features of the product; the API reference endpoints are not ordered in any particular way. Clicking a page title with an arrow next to it will expand the pages beneath it. Review Getting Started for more information on navigating and understanding the API Reference.

Table of Contents

The page-specific table of contents (green box) is available on the documentation site for each page and provides a quick way to navigate through headings on individual pages. Click any of the section titles in the list to jump to that section.


The Search functionality is available on any page within the documentation (including the API Reference and Release Notes). Search results from the documentation, API Reference, and the Release Notes will be returned as key words or phrases are typed into the Search window. Use the CTRL + K (Windows/Other) or CMD + K (MacOS) keyboard shortcut to open the search window while browsing the docs.



On the the documentation site, you can provide feedback to the Documentation team in two ways:

  • Suggesting Edits
  • Thumbs Up/Down

API Reference feedback is limited to only the Thumbs Up/Down method.

Suggest Edits

Note: To suggest edits to a given page in the documentation or API reference, you must be logged into ReadMe.

After logging in to the site, click "Suggest Edits" in the top right corner of the page you're browsing in the documentation. A Markdown-based WYSIWYG interface will appear, allowing you to add or remove information or add one of the many widgets that ReadMe supports. Click "Save Edits" to save the edits as they are and return to submit them later, or click "Submit Suggested Edits" to submit the edits to the documentation team. The team will review your edits and merge them, make additional edits on top of your edits, or reject them (with comments).


Thumbs Up/Down

To provide more direct, simple feedback about a documentation page or endpoint in the API Reference, scroll to the bottom of the page and click one of the options next to Did this page help you?:


The documentation team will review every page that has received a thumbs up/down and make adjustments accordingly. If you have specific questions or concerns, we are always happy to receive feedback, you can communicate that through your CSM or through the Customer Support Portal.