User Configuration - Manage Your Profile

Manage the Details of Your Individual User Profile "My Profile" in InsightCloudSec

Each user within InsightCloudSec has the ability to manage certain elements of their individual profile. Navigate to the top right of the global toolbar, and select your initial. Clicking on this icon enables access to a sub-menu that provides access to your profile ("My Profile"), your Organizations access (if applicable), and the option to "Logout".


Profile Administration - My Profile Page

My Profile

From the global menu, selecting "My Profile" gives you the ability to make changes to your individual profile.


Individual Profile Settings

  • Username - Your username is not editable and is created with your account by your administrator.

  • Name - selecting "Edit" for this field allows you to change your display name within InsightCloudSec.

  • Email Address - selecting "Edit" for this field allows you to update the Email Address associated with your account

  • Password - selecting "Edit" for this field allows you to create a new password for your InsightCloudSec account

  • Active Theme - this field has three drop-down options as follows:

    • Selecting "Auto" will allow InsightCloudSec to match your theme settings based on your OS
    • Selecting "Light" will default to a Light Mode theme
    • Selecting "Dark" will default to a Dark Mode theme
  • System Health Notifications - (available to Admins) this field allows you to toggle active/inactive and receive system health notifications.

  • Personal API Keys
    If enabled, this section of your profile allows you to "Generate Key" for a new API key. If you need access to this feature, your administrator can enable this capability for your user. In addition, if you want to take advantage of our new expiration feature, you can use "Generate Key" to create a new API Key and provide an expiration timeframe.
    - Note: Click "Generate Key" to open a pop-up window featuring your key. Once you close the window, any existing API key will be deactivated and you will not be able to access the most recently generated key again.