Upgrading InsightCloudSec - AWS Terraform

Instructions for Upgrading InsightCloudSec on AWS using Terraform

This document explains how to upgrade your InsightCloudSec deployment on AWS if you are currently using Terraform modules. The process is straightforward and can be done in a few minutes.


These instructions assume that you have the following:

  • A functioning InsightCloudSec platform installation
  • Appropriate admin permissions to upgrade your environment
  • Are upgrading a self-hosted deployment (as opposed to a hosted customer)

Refer to our release documentation for new or revised permissions required by the new version of the application and for any configuration changes necessary.

  • If you have any plugins or overrides, reach out to us through any option listed on the Getting Support Page

Note: The content/steps provided on this page apply to self-hosted customers. For hosted customers, we recommend that you contact your CSM or through the Customer Support Portal with any questions or concerns.

Steps to Upgrade


Recommendations - Test First

Run the upgrade procedure below in a non-production environment for testing before upgrading your production environment.

In addition, while some steps may refer to DivvyCloud vs. InsightCloudSec the behavior is the same.

Create RDS Snapshot

1. From the RDS Console, take a snapshot of your RDS instance.


AWS Console - RDS Snapshot

2. Confirm the snapshot has a green "Available" status.


AWS Console - Confirm Availability

(Optional) Fetch latest Terraform modules

1. In your Terraform folder, run the following command:

terraform init -upgrade

Terraform Example

Check for Environment Consistency

1. Run a plan to check if there are any environment inconsistencies and if there are any changes proposed from the latest InsightCloudSec Terraform modules, ensuring you replace VAR-FILE in the example below with the name of your tfvars file.

terraform plan -var-file=VAR-FILE.tfvars

2. Review the output from this plan for any changes.

  • Watch for changes made outside of Terraform that Terraform is trying to revert.
  • If you do not understand what the changes are being made at this step reach out to us through the Customer Support Portal.

Terraform Plan Changes

3. If there are pending changes to bring the environment consistent, apply them, ensuring again that you replace VAR-FILE in the example below with the name of your tfvars file.

terraform apply -var-file=VAR-FILE.tfvars

Terraform Actions

Set new InsightCloudSec version

1. Modify your tfvars file to update the InsightCloudSec version

// InsightCloudSec container/version to deploy
divvycloud_version = "divvycloud/divvycloud:v21.5.2"

2. Run a Terraform plan and confirm that Terraform is only asking to change 4 (or optionally 5 if using Access Explorer resources.

terraform apply -var-file=VAR-FILE.tfvars

3. Answer with yes to apply the version change.


1. Open up CloudWatch and browse to the log group for your environment. It will most likely be the name "DivvyCloud-Logs" without "/aws/" in the name.
Verify the scheduler shows the line "Completed DB upgrade".