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DivvyCloud is a Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) platform that provides real-time analysis and automated remediation across leading cloud and container technologies.

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Resource Terminology

DivvyCloud Resource Terminology Overview


Resources are the normalized DivvyCloud representation of components of cloud computing. Since our platform is multi-cloud, we developed a standardized (or "normalized") set of terminology for every resource that is displayed, so that it can be understood in a global context regardless of which provider it comes from.

For example, a "Storage Container" in DivvyCloud is the normalized term used to refer to: AWS’ S3 Bucket, GCP’s Cloud Storage, Azure’s Blob Storage Container, or Alibaba’s Object Storage Bucket.

Many of these terms will be obvious, but for those terms that aren't clear, or for users that may not be as familiar with certain providers, we want to make that easy to understand.

  • Within the DivvyCloud platform, hovering over a resource will display both the specific resource name and the associated Cloud Service Provider (CSP).

Displaying the Resource Names

Other tools to help make resource terminology clear are in our documentation. They include:

  • Resource Type Definitions provides the normalized name of each Resource Type we support, the category, and a general definition.
  • Resource Matrix that shows every Resource Type in a table format alongside its CSP-specific name.

Related Content

For general DivvyCloud terminology, including cloud computing terms applicable to our platform, as well as the unique terms used to identify features and capabilities check out our Glossary.

If you are not sure if your resource are supported check out the details on which Cloud Service Providers are supported in our FAQ.

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Resource Terminology

DivvyCloud Resource Terminology Overview

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