Resource Matrix

A Table of Normalized InsightCloudSec Resource Names Organized by Category and CSP

InsightCloudSec uses standardized language (aka normalized terminology) to describe virtual/software-defined resources across public and private cloud technologies. The table below includes the name of each Resource as it appears in the InsightCloudSec platform, the category of resource, and the CSP-specific name (where applicable).


Supported Services & Regions

In general, InsightCloudSec provides support for the resources listed below for all regions in which they are available. In some scenarios some resources or services may not be available in certain regions. This is typically the result of restrictions related to the region itself or otherwise imposed by the CSP (e.g., AWS) to comply with regional policies. We recommend that you refer to the CSP-specific documentation on those specific regions for official details.

(For example, refer to the table for AWS services in China here.)

If you have other questions related to regions, or specific services and their support, contact us through the Customer Support Portal with any questions.

The table below is scrollable. Click on the table to select and activate the scroll to view the full content.

Resource TypeCategoryAmazon Web Services (AWS)AWS GovCloudMicrosoft AzureGoogle Cloud Platform (GCP)Alibaba CloudKubernetesOracle (OCI)
Access AnalyzerIdentity & ManagementAWS IAM Access Analyzer
Access ListNetworkNACL / Security GroupNACL / Security GroupNetwork Security GroupNetwork FirewallSecurity GroupNetwork Security Group/Security List
Access List Flow LogNetworkNSG (Network Security Group) Flow Log
Access List Rule Network RulesRulesSecurity RulesFirewall RulesRulesNetwork Security Group Rule/Security List Rule
Activity Log AlertIdentity & ManagementActivity Log Alert
Airflow EnvironmentComputeManaged Airflow EnvironmentCloud Composer
API Access Key Identity & Management Access key IDAccess key IDApplication CredentialsService Account KeyAccess Key ID
API Accounting Config Identity & Management CloudTrailCloudTrailN/ALogs StorageActionTrail
App Run ServiceContainersAWS App RunnerCloud Run
App ServerComputeApp Service Plan
App Stream FleetComputeAppStream 2.0AppStream 2.0
Application GatewayNetworkAPI GatewayAPI Management Service
Application Gateway DomainNetworkAPI Gateway Domain
Application KeyNetworkAPI Gateway Key
Application StageNetworkAPI Gateway Stage
Artifact RegistryContainersArtifact Registry
Automation AccountComputeAutomation Account
Autoscaling Group Compute Autoscaling GroupAutoscaling GroupVirtual Machine Scale SetsAutoscalersN/A
Autoscaling Launch Configuration Compute Launch ConfigurationsN/AN/AN/AN/A
Azure PolicyIdentity & ManagementAzure Policy
Backend ServicesComputeLoad Balancer Backend Services
Backup VaultStorageBackup VaultN/A
Batch EnvironmentComputeBatch Compute EnvironmentBatch Compute EnvironmentBatch Account
Batch PoolComputeBatch Pool
Big Data Instance Compute RedshiftRedshift
Big Data Serverless NamespaceComputeRedshift Serverless Namespace
Big Data Serverless WorkgroupComputeRedshift Serverless Workgroup
Big Data Snapshot Storage Redshift SnapshotRedshift SnapshotN/AN/AN/A
Big Data WorkspaceComputeAzure Synapse
Build ProjectComputeCodeBuild ProjectCodeBuild
Business Intelligence SubscriptionIdentity & ManagementQuickSightQuickSightN/A
Cache Database ClusterComputeMemoryDBMemoryDB
Cache Instance Compute ElastiCacheElasticacheAzure RedisMemorystoreAsparaDB for Redis
Cache SnapshotStorageElastiCache SnapshotRedis Snapshot
Cassandra TableStorageKeyspaces TableKeyspaces Table
Cloud Access PointIdentity & ManagementS3 Access PointS3 Access Point
Cloud Account Identity & Management Cloud AccountCloud AccountCloud SubscriptionProjectCloud AccountCloud Tenancy
Cloud Advisor Check Identity & Management Trusted AdvisorTrusted AdvisorSecurity Command Center BaselineN/A
Cloud Alarm Identity & Management CloudWatch AlarmCloudWatch AlarmN/AN/AN/A
Cloud AppIdentity & ManagementAzure App Registration
Cloud CredentialsIdentity & ManagementAPI Keys
Cloud DatasetStorageBigQuery Dataset
Cloud Domain Group Identity & Management N/AN/AN/ADomain Groups
Cloud Domain User Identity & Management N/AN/ADomain Users
Cloud Event BusIdentity & ManagementCloudWatch/Event Bridge Event BusCloudWatch/Event Bridge Event Bus
Cloud Event RuleIdentity & ManagementCloudWatch RuleCloudWatch Rule
Cloud Global Access PointStorageS3 Multi-Region Access Point
Cloud Group Identity & Management IAM GroupIAM GroupGroupGroupRAM GroupGroup
Cloud Limit Identity & Management LimitLimitLimitLimitN/A
Cloud Log DestinationIdentity & ManagementCloudWatch Logs DestinationsCloudWatch Logs Destinations
Cloud OutpostIdentity & ManagementOutpost
Cloud Policy Identity & Management IAM PolicyIAM PolicyPolicyRole Permission SetRAM Policy
Cloud Region Identity & Management RegionRegionRegionRegionRegionRegion
Cloud Resource GroupIdentity & ManagementAzure Resource Group
Cloud Role Identity & Management IAM RoleIAM RoleRoleService AccountRAM Role
Cloud Service Cost Identity & Management Consolidated BillConsolidated BillN/ABilling Export
Cloud User Identity & Management IAM UserIAM UserUserUserRAM UserUser
ClustersContainersEKS/ECS/Fargate ClusterEKS/ECS/Fargate ClusterKubernetes ServiceGKEKubernetes ClusterKubernetes Cluster
Code RepositoryIdentity & ManagementCode CommitCode Commit
Cold StorageStorageGlacierN/AN/AN/AN/A
ConfigIdentity & ManagementAWS ConfigAWS Config
Container ImageContainersContainer Image (ECR)Container Image (ECR)Container ImageContainer Image
Container InstancesContainersContainer Instance (ECS)Container Instance (ECS)Azure Container InstanceNode Instance
Container Node GroupContainersEKS Node GroupEKS Node Group
Container RegistryContainersContainer Registry (ECR)Container Registry (ECR)Container Registry
Container ServiceContainersECS ServiceECS Service
Content Delivery Network Network CloudFrontCloudFrontCDN Profile, Front Door (Standard/Premium)Cloud CDNN/A
Data Analytics WorkspaceStorageAthena WorkgroupAthena Workgroup
Data FactoryStorageAzure Data FactoryData Fusion
Data Lake StorageStorageData Lake Storage Gen1
Data Stream Storage KinesisKinesisEvent Hub NamespaceN/AN/A
Data Sync Task Storage DataSync Task
Database Compute N/AN/ASQL Database / Dedicated SQL PoolCloud SQL Database
Database ClusterComputeRDS Database, Neptune, DocumentDB
Database Instance Compute RDS Database, Neptune, DocumentDBRDS DatabaseAzure Database for Postgres/MySQL/MariaDBCloud SQLAsparaDB for RDSMySQL DB System/Autonomous Data Warehouse
Database Migration InstanceStorageDMS Replication InstanceDMS Replication Instance
Database Migration EndpointNetworkDMS EndpointDMS Endpoint
Database ProxyStorageRDS Database ProxyRDS Database Proxy
Database Snapshot Storage RDS SnapshotRDS SnapshotN/ACloud SQL BackupRDS Snapshot
Databricks WorkspaceStorageDatabricks Workspace
Dataflow JobComputeDataflow Jobs
DDoS ProtectionNetworkShieldDDoS Protection
Delivery Stream Storage FirehoseN/AN/AN/A
Deployments/TasksContainersContainer Pod (ECS/Fargate)Deployment
Diagnostic SettingsIdentity & ManagementDiagnostic Settings
Direct ConnectNetworkDirect ConnectExpress Route CircuitCloud Interconnect
Directory ServiceIdentity & ManagementAWS Directory Service
Distributed Table Compute DynamoDBDynamoDBAzure CosmosDBN/AN/ANoSQL Database
Distributed Table Cluster Compute Dynamo DB Accelerator (DAX)N/ABigtableN/A
DLP JobComputeDLP Inspection Job
DNS DomainIdentity & ManagementRoute53 DomainCloud Domain
DNS Zone Network Route53 DNS ZoneDNS ZoneDNS ZoneN/A
Elastic ClusterStorageDocumentDB Elastic
Elasticsearch Instance Compute OpenSearchOpenSearchN/AN/AN/A
Elasticsearch Serverless CollectionComputeOpenSearch Collection
Email Service Domain Compute Simple Email Service (SES)Simple Email Service (SES)N/AN/AN/A
Encryption Key Identity & Management KMSKMSKey Vault KeyCloud KMS CryptokeyKMS KeyMaster Encryption Key
Encryption Key VaultIdentity & ManagementKey VaultCloud KMS KeyringVault
ETL Data CatalogStorageGlue Data CatalogGlue Data Catalog
ETL DatabaseStorageGlue DatabaseGlue Database
ETL Security ConfigurationStorageGlue Security ConfigurationGlue Security Configuration
Event Grid TopicComputeEvent Grid Topic
Event Subscription Compute RDS Event SubscriptionRDS Event Subscription
Federated GroupIdentity & ManagementFederated Azure AD Group
Federated UserIdentity & ManagementFederated Azure AD User
File Share Storage NFS/SMB File Gateway Share
Forwarding RulesNetworkLoad Balancer Forwarding Rules
Global Load BalancerNetworkGlobal AcceleratorGlobal AcceleratorFront Door
GraphQL APIStorageAppSync APIN/A
HSM ClusterComputeCloudHSMCloudHSM
Hypervisor Compute Dedicated InstanceDedicated InstanceDedicated HostN/AN/A
Identity Provider Identity & Management SAML Identity ProviderIdentity Platform Provider
Instance Compute EC2 InstanceEC2 InstanceVirtual MachineInstanceECS InstanceInstance
Internet Gateway Network Internet GatewayInternet GatewayN/AN/AN/A
Launch Template*ComputeLaunch TemplateLaunch Template
LightsailComputeAmazon LightsailN/A
Load Balancer Network Load Balancer (ELB/ALB/NLB/Gateway)ELB/ALB/NLBLoad Balancer/Application GatewayLoad BalancerN/A
Logic AppComputeLogic App
Log Analytics WorkspaceIdentity & ManagementLog Analytics Workspace
Log GroupIdentity & ManagementCloudWatch Log Group
Lookout ProjectIdentity & ManagementLookout Equipment/Metrics/VisionN/A
Machine Learning InstanceComputeSagemaker NotebookAI Platform Notebook
Machine Learning Training JobComputeSagemaker Training jobSagemaker Training Job
MapReduce Cluster Compute Elastic Mapreduce (EMR)Elastic Mapreduce (EMR)HDInsight ClusterDataprocN/A
Message Broker InstanceComputeMQServiceBus
Message Queue Compute Simple Queue Service (SQS)Simple Queue Service (SQS)ServiceBus QueueN/AN/A
NAT Gateway Network NAT Gateway (VPC)N/ANAT GatewayCloud NATN/A
Network Network VPCVPCVirtual NetworkVPCVCN
Network Address GroupNetworkManaged Prefix ListManaged Prefix ListIP Group
Network EndpointNetworkVPC Endpoint/PrivateLinkService Endpoint/Service Endpoint Policy/Private Endpoint
Network Endpoint ServiceNetworkVPC Endpoint ServicePrivate Link Service
Network FirewallNetworkAzure Firewall
Network Firewall RuleNetworkAzure Firewall Rule
Network Firewall Rule ListNetworkAzure Firewall Rule Collection
Network Flow Log Network VPC Flow Log (VPC)VPC Flow LogN/AN/AN/A
Network Interface Network Network InterfaceNetwork InterfaceNetwork InterfaceNetwork InterfaceNetwork InterfaceVCS Interface
Network Peer Network VPC PeerVPC PeerPeeringsNetwork PeerN/A
Notification Subscription Compute SNS SubscriptionSNS SubscriptionN/APub / Sub SubscriptionN/ASubscription
Notification Topic Compute SNS TopicSNS TopicN/APub / Sub TopicN/ATopic
Pod Security PoliciesContainersPod Security Policy
PodsContainersTask Definition (ECS)Pod
Private Image Compute AMI (Private)AMI (Private)ImageImageImage
Private Subnet Network VPC SubnetVPC SubnetSubnetSubnetVSwitchVCN Subnet
Public IP Network Elastic IPElastic IPReserved IPReserved IPElastic IPPublic IP
Query Log ConfigNetworkRoute53 ResolverRoute53 Resolver
RecommendationIdentity & ManagementUnattended Project Recommendations
Recommendation FindingIdentity & ManagementUnattended Project Insights
Recycle Bin RuleStorageRecycle Bin Rule
Reserved InstanceCompute Reserved InstanceReserved InstanceN/AN/AN/A
Route Table Network Route TableN/ARoute TableRoute Table Route Table
Search Cluster Compute Cloudsearch ClusterSearch Service
Search IndexComputeKendra IndexN/A
SecretIdentity & ManagementSecretN/ASecretSecretN/ASecret
Secure File TransferStorageSFTP Server
Security PostureIdentity & ManagementAzure Advisor Recommendations
Serverless ApplicationComputeServerless Application Repository
Serverless Function Compute LambdaLambdaFunctionCloud FunctionN/A
Serverless LayerComputeLambda LayerLambda Layer
Service Control PolicyIdentity & ManagementService Control Policy
Service DetectorIdentity & Management
Service Fabric ClusterContainersService Fabric Cluster
Shared GalleryComputeShared Image Gallery
Shared Gallery ImageComputeImage Definition
Shared Gallery Image VersionComputeImage Version
Shared File System Storage EFS, Lustre, FSx, and NetApp ONTAPN/AFile ShareCloud FilestoreN/AFile System
SinkIdentity & ManagementCloudWatch Observability Sink LinkStackdriver Sink
Site-to-Site VPNNetworkSite-to-Site VPN (VPC)VPN Tunnel
Snapshot Storage EBS SnapshotEBS SnapshotSnapshotSnapshotSnapshotBlock Volume Backup
Spanner Storage Aurora Global DatabaseAurora Global DatabaseCloud Spanner
SSH Key Pair Identity & Management SSH Key PairSSH Key PairSSH Key PairSSH Key Pair
SSL Certificate Identity & Management IAM/ACM SSL CertificateIAM/ACM SSL CertificateSSL CertificateSSL CertificateN/ASSL Certificate
SSL Certificate AuthorityIdentity & ManagementACM Private Certificate AuthorityACM Private Certificate AuthorityCertificate Authority Service
SSM DocumentComputeSSM DocumentSSM Document
Stack Template Compute CloudFormation TemplatesCloudFormation Templates
Step Function Compute Step Function State MachineStep Function State Machine
Storage AccountStorageStorage Account
Storage GatewayStorageStorage GatewayStorage Gateway
Storage Container Storage S3 BucketS3 BucketBlob Storage ContainerCloud StorageObject Storage BucketObject Storage Backup
Stored ParameterStorageSystems Manager Parameter Store (Parameter)
Stream InstanceComputeMSK Instance
Target ProxiesNetworkLoad Balancer Target Proxies
Task DefinitionsContainerTask Definition (ECS)
Template SpecComputeTemplate Specs
Threat FindingsIdentity & ManagementGuardDuty/MacieMicrosoft Defender for CloudEvent Threat Detection
Timeseries DatabaseStorageAmazon Timestream
Traffic ManagerNetworkTraffic Manager
Traffic Mirror TargetNetworkVPC Traffic Mirror TargetVPC Traffic Mirror Targets
Transcoding PipelineComputeElastic Transcoder Pipeline
Transcription JobComputeTranscription JobTranscription Job
Transit GatewayNetworkTransit Gateway
URL MapNetworkURL Map
User PoolIdentity & ManagementCognito User Pool
Video StreamStorageKinesis Video Stream
Virtual Private GatewayNetworkVirtual Private GatewayVirtual Network GatewayVPN Gateway
Volume Storage EBS VolumeEBS VolumeDiskPersistent DiskDiskBlock Volume
Web AppComputeElastic Beanstalk EnvironmentApp Service
Web App GroupComputeElastic Beanstalk Application
Web Application FirewallNetworkWeb Application FirewallWeb Application FirewallCloud Armor
Workspace Compute WorkspaceN/AN/AN/AN/A