Production Deployments

Getting Started with Production Deployments of InsightCloudSec

InsightCloudSec is able to scale from a single instance managing a few clouds to a fully resilient infrastructure capable of managing hundreds of clouds. We offer options for deployment and installation depending on your needs.

This page provides information on our preferred specifications to help get you started. Keep in mind that no setup is perfect for every customer’s environment and we can only make general suggestions without additional details.


Notes on Deployment & Requirements

Large or Complex Deployments
For complex or large cloud footprints it’s likely best to work with one of our team to make sure you get the best recommendations that are tailored to your requirements.

In addition, the content on this page and featured on the individual deployment subpages applies to self-hosted customers. For hosted customers we recommend that you contact your CSM or support with any questions or concerns.

Redis Version Requirements
For customers on versions of InsightCloudSec prior to 21.4.x, upgrading to version 21.4.x (or higher) we recommend upgrading to Redis 5.x. Contact us through our Customer Support Portal with any questions or concerns about deployment options or requirements.


Before you get started we recommend reviewing the information included on the Product Architecture page for a general idea of the components used in the InsightCloudSec platform.

Additional Requirements

  • Redis 5.x

HTTPS and Reverse Proxy Flags

If haproxy is configured both --https-mode and --reverse-proxy will be set automatically. In InsightCloudSec these flags operate as follows:

  • --https-mode will make cookie handling more secure when running via HTTPS.
  • --reverse-proxy properly configures InsightCloudSEc when running behind a reverse proxy (such as apache or nginx).

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