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InsightCloudSec Organizations

This functionality should not be confused with the InsightCloudSec-specific Organizations capability that allows for multi-tenant functionality available under "System Administration --> Organizations".

In InsightCloudSec, the Organizations section of the platform is where you manage your connected cloud service provider-based Organization(s) a.k.a. Cloud Organizations. This section of the tool allows you to add and remove Organizations and update configuration information for existing Organizations. The Organizations page is accessible under the Cloud heading, "Cloud --> Clouds --> Organizations".

  • Use the "Search" bar to filter through your Organizations
  • Select the checkbox next to an Organization to enable the option to remove it
    • Note: This will not delete the Organization within the CSP; it will just stop harvesting information for the Organization (and its child accounts) and remove it from InsightCloudSec
Organizations Landing PageOrganizations Landing Page

Organizations Landing Page

Adding an Organization

From the Organizations page, click "Add Organization" to get started. InsightCloudSec currently supports adding a Cloud Organization from the following service providers:

Note: Click one of the links above to view instructions for adding the respective Cloud Organization.

Adding an OrganizationAdding an Organization

Adding an Organization

Updating Configuration

From the Organizations page, click "Edit" (the pencil icon) next to an organization to open its configuration. Note: Most configuration cannot be partially updated because the entire configuration is stored encrypted, so you'll need to unlock the section first. However, you can update the Organization's nickname at any time.

Updating an Organization's ConfigUpdating an Organization's Config

Updating an Organization's Config

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