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DivvyCloud is a Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) platform that provides real-time analysis and automated remediation across leading cloud and container technologies.

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DivvyCloud organizations provide complete isolation of resources and users for a DivvyCloud installation.
They are accessible from the System Administration page (under Administration from the left-side menu).

DivvyCloud organizations allow for multi-tenant functionality to logically isolate resources, users, Bots, and Insights according to their unique uses, e.g., Managed Service Providers can onboard multiple customers in one install.

Cloud Accounts and their resources can only belong to one Organization and cannot be modified or viewed from another Organization. Review our documentation around Badges for more information on configuring and managing DivvyCloud organization functionality.


Provider Organizations

A DivvyCloud Organization is distinguished from other provider Organizations (these are accessed from Clouds page under Cloud in the left-side menu).

Details on provider organizations are available here Organizations (GCP) and Organizations (AWS).

Management Hierarchy

The hierarchy of management within DivvyCloud can be understood as:

Organizations (Enterprise Only) - Organizations allow for complete isolation between Cloud Accounts, resources, and users on an installation. Cloud Accounts and their resources can only belong to one Organization and cannot be modified or viewed from another Organization.

Installation > Domains > Organizations > Groups/Roles/Users

Check out section hierarchy, to learn more about the complete DivvyCloud hierarchy.


Before getting started you will need to ensure that you have the following:

  • A functioning DivvyCloud installation

  • The appropriate permissions, i.e., since Organizations are maintained at the Domain level, managing Organizations requires Domain Admin privileges.

Note: For enterprise customers, during the installation process the first user created is a Domain Admin. When visiting the Domain Admin page in the Identity Management section of the tool you will see this initial user.

Additional Domain Admins can be created. Be advised that Domain Admins have ‘Organization Admin’ privileges for all Organizations and permissions cannot be limited for these users.


User Permissions

Org Admins and Basic Users do not see the Organization list and cannot change organizations or modify organization details.

Adding an Organization

To add a new DivvyCloud organization, complete the following steps.

1. Go to the System Administration page (under Administration on the left-side menu) and locate the Create Organization button in the top right corner.

2. Give the new organization a name and select whether you want to use a previous organization as a template.

  • By selecting a previous organization, the Insights, roles, and user groups will be copied over to the new organization. If left blank, then the organization will be empty.

Creating a DivvyCloud Organization

3. Once created, click on your name in the left hand navigation menu (top left corner) and verify that the new organization exists

Verifying the Creation of a New Organization

Managing an Organization

To manage, edit, or delete your existing DivvyCloud organization, navigate to the "System Administration" page (under Administration from the left-side menu); Organizations is the first tab/section that displays on the page.

Navigate to the target organization and select the "Actions" menu to the left of the organization name.

Managing an Existing Organization

Actions available for existing organizations include the following:

Update Organizations


Update the name of the organization

Configure Email (SMTP)

Configure the SMTP settings for this organization

Configure Navigation Menu Blacklist

Configure the Navigation Menu for this organization

Delete Email Configuration

Delete the SMTP configuration for this organization

Update Badges

Add or remove cloud badges for this organization


Delete this organization (this option is not available for an "active" organization).

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