OpenStack is one of the leaders in open source cloud computing. You can power your own cloud services using OpenStack. You can add your OpenStack cluster to DivvyCloud following the steps below.


1. OpenStack Dashboard

a. Login to OpenStack with the user account with access and sufficient permissions to the OpenStack cluster that you wish to add to DivvyCloud. In the dropdown box next to the OpenStack logo, select the project (aka OpenStack cluster) that you wish to add to DivvyCloud.

b. Select Admin on the left-hand side navigation menu and drill down to Systems and then to System Information.

2. System Information

Keystone. Once you access System Information, look on the table under Services. Then look for the name “keystone”. Copy the http address for the Admin address, e.g.,

3.Go to your DivvyCloud account

4. Navigate to Clouds on the left-hand side navigation menu. Click on Add Cloud in the upper right.

5. Enter Cloud Information

a. Select OpenStack in the Select Technology dropbox.
b. Name your cloud account.
c. Enter the http address from Step 2, e.g., “” without the quotation marks

  • Remove the end of the address, e.g., /identity_admin, so you are left with the top-level address, e.g.,
  • Append the port value 5000 to the address with a colon, e.g.,
  • Do not append a version to the address

d. Leave Bypass SSL Verification unchecked unless you have a cluster with self-signed certificates
e. Enter your OpenStack username from Step 1.
f. Enter your OpenStack project name from Step 1.
g. Enter “default” without the quotation marks for the optional domain.
h. Click on Submit.

6. Confirm

You should see a screen that indicates you have successfully added a cloud account. DivvyCloud will begin harvesting immediately and the data should start to surface after five minutes or so depending upon the size of your cloud account.