OCI Supported Services

InsightCloudSec Supported Services for Oracle Cloud

The following resource types are supported within OCI. Given that this is a recently added Cloud Service Provider (CSP), the number of supported services is not as large as more mature clouds; however, the list will grow over time.

For contextual references on supported resources (e.g., across the entire InsightCloudSec platform), check out our Resources documentation. This page provides a summary for our initial launch but as support matures, information about OCI will be available in our integrated resources pages.

Core Infrastructure

  • Compute

    • Instances
  • Block Storage

    • Block Volumes
    • Block Volume Backups
  • Object Storage

    • Storage Bucket
  • File Storage

    • File System
  • Networking

    • Virtual Cloud Networks
    • IP Management
    • Network Security Groups
    • Security Lists
    • Network Security Group Rule
    • Security List Rule
    • Subnets
  • Clusters

    • Kubernetes Cluster

Oracle Database

  • Autonomous Data Warehouse

    • Autonomous Database
    • Autonomous Exadata Infrastructure
  • Autonomous Transaction Processing

  • Exadata


  • DB Systems
  • Backups

NoSQL Database

  • Table


  • Service Metrics


  • Subscription
  • Topic


  • Audit Settings

Cloud Advisor

Cloud Guard


  • Users
  • Groups
  • Policies
  • Regions
  • Compartments
  • Authentication Settings
  • SSL Certificate


  • Cloud Guard
  • Vault
    • Master Encryption Keys
    • Secrets


  • Default Tags