Multifactor Authentication

Configuring MFA for InsightCloudSec

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)--also known as two-factor authentication (2FA or TFA)--enhances security by verifying a user's identity using multiple methods of authentication from independent categories of credentials.

To set up a user for MFA in InsightCloudSec, an Admin will need to do the following:

1. From the Administration Icon (gear) "Administration --> Identity Management", select the Actions menu for the user you want to assign MFA.

2. Select "Require MFA for User" for the target user.

Enabling MFA for a UserEnabling MFA for a User

Enabling MFA for a User

  1. Select "Confirm" on the dialog.

The next time a user attempts to log in, they will be prompted to set up MFA.


Save the OTP Authentication Key - This token only displays once

  1. Users will need to download Google Authenticator for iOS or Android, as appropriate.

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