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DivvyCloud is a Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) platform that provides real-time analysis and automated remediation across leading cloud and container technologies.

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License/API Activity


The page provides details on two elements - License and API Activity - both tabs available from the System Administration section of the DivvyCloud platform under "Administration --> System Administration".

License is available via "Administration --> System Administration" under the "License" tab. This section of the platform includes: displaying license information, a history of billable resources, and control over the collection of anonymous data.

The second, API Activity, is available via "Administration --> System Administration" under the "API Activity" tab.

License Information


The license data includes the Expiration Date, Customer ID, and Build. It displays options to refresh and an indicator showing whether the license is valid.

This section also includes the ability to opt-in (selected by default) or opt-out of anonymous data collection.

License Details - Data Collection

Data Collection

With this feature enabled DivvyCloud collects:

  • Expanded anonymous product data; for example: numbers of specific resource types, totals of active Insights, and specific cloud types. This data helps us determine how and where our features are being used.
  • We also collect anonymous information around navigation within our tool. We are able to observe navigation with all PII and customer data completely masked. This data is extremely helpful in the analysis of overall navigation and user experience workflows. It allows us to observe and replicate errors so we can track the steps taken that result in a broken workflow or poor user experience.

With this feature disabled DivvyCloud collects license validation and high level counts around generic product metadata (e.g., number of organizations, number of Insights, etc.)


All Data Collection is Anonymous

As explained in the examples provided above, all data is anonymous and collected with the sole intention of improving our product and user experience. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to us through [email protected].

Billable Resources

This section of the License page displays a chart of billable resources. Selecting one of the points on the Billable Resources plot provides a detailed list of the makeup of those Billable Resources.

License - Billable Resources Details

To have this data emailed to you, click on the email icon.

License - Billable Resources

API Activity

The "API Activity" tab of the System Administration section displays a log of API activity that includes:

  • User name
  • Access Time
  • Remote IP Address
  • Path
  • Status
  • Method

This data can be sorted and viewed using pagination, rows, date range, and also sorted based on the columns listed above.

System - API Activity

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License/API Activity

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