Layered Context

A Summary of the Layered Context Feature Including an Overview Video

Feature Overview

Layered Context provides a holistic view of the most critical resources found in all environments that are connected to InsightCloudSec. The newest release includes trend and analytics visualizations for Insights impacting resources and high-risk resource types. We are continuing to update and expand features for this capability focusing on delivering an experience that provides:

  • High-level visualizations around the most critical high risk resources
  • A resource-centric view of risk across multiple security domains in a unified, consolidated framework
  • Easy access to details of risk surrounding a specific resource
  • Filtering for context with Clouds and Applications, and on specific resource types, severities, and security domains for better triaging/risk prioritization
  • Reduced noise, offering a better view to understanding risk posture of your cloud estate

Feature Video

Note: This video does not include scoping with Clouds, Applications, and Resources but you can read more about it here.

Getting Started with Layered Content

Layered Context is available to customers with an InsightCloudSec installation (version 23.2.1 or later).