Jira Integration

Instructions for Integration Between Jira & InsightCloudSec

Our Jira integration provides InsightCloudSec with the ability to create Jira tasks and is compatible with all supported resources. For example, you can use this integration to create a Jira task if a Bot locates an Instance with SSH open to the world.


Jira Cloud and On-Premise Versions are supported with this integration

Jira Integration Setup

Setup in the Atlassian Console


For Cloud Jira Servers

Only API token authentication is supported; Atlassian has deprecated password authentication.

1. Obtain an API Token from Atlassian, from the link select "Create API Token".


Obtain your API Token

2. Provide a name for your API token, and select "Create".


Name your API Token

3. After creating, copy the API token information.


Copy your new API Token

Setup in InsightCloudSec


Support - Local User Jira

Currently we only support local Jira users.

1. Navigate to "Administration --> Integrations". Locate the "Jira" integration card and click "Edit".


Integrations Page - Jira Card

2. Complete the Jira integration form as follows:

  • Username: provide your username
  • Password: provide the API token you created earlier
  • Enter the server associated with your Jira account

Edit Jira Integration Details

Configure a "Create Jira Issue" Bot Action

InsightCloudSec includes Bot actions that you can use to create Jira Tasks as part of your integration.

The basic steps to create this action are as follows:

1. Navigate to "Automation --> BotFactory" and click on the "Create Bot" button on the top of the page.

2. Complete the "About Bot", "Resource Type & Groups" and "Filters" sections of the Bot creation form.

3. In the Actions section, click "Add Action" and find "Create Individual Jira Issue" action.


Bot Configuration - Jira Actions

4. Complete the details for the Jira issues.

  • Note for the Project field you will need the Project Key not the Project Name.

Bot Configuration - Jira Form

5. Complete the "Run Options" to finalize configuration of this Bot.

6. To verify, run this Bot and then log in to your Jira account to verify the new tasks are being created as expected.