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DivvyCloud is a Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) platform that provides real-time analysis and automated remediation across leading cloud and container technologies.

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Jira Integration


The Jira integration provides DivvyCloud the ability to create Jira tasks, and is compatible with all DivvyCloud resources. As an example, you can create a Jira task if a bot locates an Instance with SSH open to the world.


Integration Overview

For general information about Integrations (editing and deleting) refer to the Integrations Overview page.

Check out the Jira Documentation to learn more.


Before getting started with this integration ensure you have the following:

  • A functioning DivvyCloud installation
  • Admin access to Divvy
  • The appropriate permissions to access the Jira configuration details

For any questions or concerns, reach out to [email protected].

Setup Jira

In The Atlassian Console


For Cloud Jira Servers

Only API token authentication is supported; Atlassian has deprecated password authentication.

1. Obtain an API Token from Atlassian: navigate to https://id.atlassian.com/manage/api-tokens and select Create API Token.

2. Provide a name for your API token. Select Create.

3. An API token will appear. Copy this API token.

In The DivvyCloud Console


Local User Jira

Currently we only support local Jira users.

1. Navigate to the Integrations main page (under Administration on the left-side menu). Then select Edit on the Jira card.

2. Complete the Edit Jira Integration dialog:

  • Enter your username
  • For the password, enter the API token copied from 3. above
  • Enter the server to access your Jira account

Configure the 'Jira Task' Action in your Bot

Once the Jira integration is set up, you can use the DivvyCloud 'Jira Task' action in your Bot configurations.

1. Go to the BotFactory page and click Create Bot.

2. Complete the Resource Type & Groups and Conditions sections.

3. In the Actions section, click Add Action and find the 'Jira Task' action. Complete the dialog for this action. (You may need to scroll through the dialog to access all input fields.)

Once you run your bot and it matches resources, it will create Jira tasks in your Jira console. Log in to your Jira account to see the new tasks.

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Jira Integration

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