Installing DivvyCloud

DivvyCloud is able to scale from a single instance managing a few clouds to a fully resilient infrastructure capable of managing hundreds of clouds. The documentation below will help you get started with the right version of DivvyCloud for your needs.

The “Test Drive” installation is for the purpose of installing DivvyCloud for a limited period of time in order to see its capabilities. Test Drive runs all processes, Redis and MySQL database on a single machine, and is capable of managing a few cloud accounts. It is not intended for ongoing management of your cloud infrastructure.

Most use cases will fall under the new “Scalable” implementation that is capable of managing a few to a few score clouds. This installation separates workers onto different instances, sets up separate MySQL and Redis servers, and places multiple interface servers behind a load balancer.

Finally, if your cloud environment includes over 100 clouds, we recommend working with DivvyCloud staff to jointly follow a “Custom” implementation.

Custom Deployment

Once your cloud footprint exceeds 100 cloud accounts, it is likely time to work on a customized deployment. Please contact us at so we can accurately capture your requirements and deploy DivvyCloud appropriately.