Government Cloud Support Reference

Supported Government Cloud Services and Policies for InsightCloudSec

For InsightCloudSec customers interested in details about the configuration of cloud services within the Government Cloud (GovCloud) space, we have created this section of our documentation to organize all GovCloud-specific details.

AWS GovCloud Support


InsightCloudSec uses some of the policies found on AWS Policies to securely harvest data from your AWS GovCloud account(s).

Supported Deployment Regions

InsightCloudSec can only be deployed in AWS. For self-hosted customers, InsightCloudSec can be exclusively deployed/hosted in AWS GovCloud, if you so choose. For SaaS customers, see SaaS/Hosted Customers - Getting Started Guide for more information.

Supported Resources

Listed below are all of the AWS GovCloud services (and their components) supported by InsightCloudSec. For resource support, in general if a resource is supported by InsightCloudSec for GovCloud, we support it in any region in which the CSP provides the resource. If you have questions related to AWS or specific services and their support, contact us through the Customer Support Portal.

Amazon DocumentDB
Amazon QuickSight
Amazon SageMaker (Notebook, Training job)
Amazon Simple Email Service
Amazon Redshift (Snapshot)
Amazon Transcription
AppStream 2.0
Athena (Workgroup)
AWS Auto Scaling (Group)
AWS Glue (Data Catalog, Database, Security Configuration)
AWS Organizations
Batch (Compute Environment)
Certificate Manager (Private Certificate Authority)
CloudFormation (Templates)
CloudWatch (Alarm, Log Group)
Database Migration Service (Endpoint, Replication Instance)
EC2 (Amazon EBS Snapshot, Amazon EBS Volume,Instance, Launch Template, Reserved Instance, Resource/Service Limit/Quota, Savings Plans, SSH Key Pairs)
Elastic Beanstalk (Application, Environment)
Elastic Container Registry (Container Registry)
Elastic Container Service/Fargate
Elastic Kubernetes Service (Node Group)
Elastic Load Balancer (Application Load Balancer, Gateway Load Balancer, Network Load Balancer)
ElastiCache (Snapshot)
Global Accelerator
IAM (Cloud Account, Group, Policy (Customer Managed), Role, User, User Access Key)
Key Management Service
Lambda (Layer)
OpenSearch Service
RDS (Aurora, Cluster, Event Subscription, Instance, fSnapshot)
Route 53
S3 (Access Point)
SAML Identity Provider
Secrets Manager (Secret)
Simple Queue Service
Simple Notification Service (Subscription, Topic)
Step Function State Machine
Storage Gateway
Systems Manager (Document)
Trusted Advisor
VPC (Elastic IP, Elastic Network Interface (ENI), Flow Log, Internet Gateway, NACL/Security Group, NACL/Security Group Rules, NAT Gateway, Peer, Route Table, Subnet)
WorkSpaces (Instances)