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InsightCloudSec by Rapid7 (formerly DivvyCloud) is a Cloud-Native Security Platform that provides real-time analysis and automated remediation for continuous security and compliance for your multi-cloud environment.

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GCP Billing Bucket

Integrate the GCP Billing Bucket with InsightCloudSec


Deprecated Functionality

The functionality outlined below has been deprecated by GCP and is no longer supported. Contact [email protected] with questions or for additional information.

InsightCloudSec allows you to view billing information for your GCP accounts. To enable this feature, you must first configure a billing bucket within the GCP console. Then, you will add this information to the InsightCloudSec tool.

In the GCP Console

Before getting started:



You will need the storage.buckets.get permission, granted by a project owner, to create a GCP billing bucket.

In addition, you will need to have permission to access the Billing Export section of the Billing Page. Click here for more information.

Once permissions are granted, you can set up the billing bucket itself.

Setting up the Billing Bucket

1. Open the GCP console and access "Create Bucket". (You might enter "Bucket" in the search bar, then select "Create Bucket".)

Searching for Create BucketSearching for Create Bucket

Searching for Create Bucket

2. Name your billing bucket and complete all other relevant information for this bucket; then select "Create".

Configuring a Billing BucketConfiguring a Billing Bucket

Configuring a Billing Bucket

3. Once the bucket has been created, select Billing from the main menu. Select "Billing Export", then select the "File Export" tab.

4. Enter the following for the billing bucket:

  • Bucket name
  • Report prefix
  • Format (InsightCloudSec supports both CSV and JSON)
Configuring Billing Bucket File ExportConfiguring Billing Bucket File Export

Configuring Billing Bucket File Export

Note: Save the name and the prefix you have selected. You will use these when adding this billing bucket to InsightCloudSec.

5. Select "Save".

Setup in InsightCloudSec

1. Open the InsightCloudSec console; from the Clouds main page (under Cloud in the left-side navigation menu) select the name of the GCP cloud where the billing bucket is to be added.

Opening a GCP CloudOpening a GCP Cloud

Opening a GCP Cloud

2. Select the "Settings" tab; then scroll to the bottom to access the Configure Billing Bucket section.

Opening Cloud SettingsOpening Cloud Settings

Opening Cloud Settings

GCP Billing Bucket ConfigurationGCP Billing Bucket Configuration

GCP Billing Bucket Configuration

2. Complete the section for the billing bucket--name, prefix, and format--as determined from Step 4 above.

3. Select "Submit".

Viewing Cloud Costs


Cost Availability

InsightCloudSec will need to complete at least one billing cycle before cost information is available for viewing.

You can view costs associated with your GCP cloud by completing the following steps:

1. Access the Clouds main page (under Cloud on the navigation menu) and select the GCP cloud for which you have configured a billing bucket.

2. Select the Resources hamburger menu to the left of your selected Cloud. This will open the Resources main page, listing resources specific to your selected cloud.

Accessing GCP Cloud ResourcesAccessing GCP Cloud Resources

Accessing GCP Cloud Resources

3. Select "Identity Management" as the resources category.

4. Select "Cloud Service Cost" as the resource type.

  • The illustration below shows the current month spend, projected month spend, and the last month's spend for a GCP account.
GCP Cloud Service CostGCP Cloud Service Cost

GCP Cloud Service Cost

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GCP Billing Bucket

Integrate the GCP Billing Bucket with InsightCloudSec

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