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DivvyCloud is a Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) platform that provides real-time analysis and automated remediation across leading cloud and container technologies.

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Event-Driven Harvesting Reports

Event-driven harvesting (EDH) pulls data from AWS CloudWatch Events and AWS CloudTrail into a central event bus for use by DivvyCloud's event-driven harvesting method. This modern approach to data collection improves the cadence with which DivvyCloud can provide resource visibility and opportunities for remediation. This approach also enriches the data with life-cycle changes, thereby enabling auditing capabilities. With this EDH-provided data, identifying how a resource entered a noncompliant state becomes much easier at scale.


EDH (Currently AWS Only)

Currently EDH is available only for AWS.

This article focuses on using the Event-Driven Harvesting main page in the DivvyCloud tool to view harvested events and reported results. (Configuring EDH for both Producers and Consumers, the relationship on which EDH relies, is discussed under System Admin: Amazon Web Services: Event-Driven Harvesting.)

EDH Events

The Events tab for EDH displays details of the CloudWatch events that occur. These details show the account, cloud, and resource (Provider ID) upon which the action was taken; the date and time the action was taken, the user taking the action, and the specific action taken.

These details allow you to readily view actions taken and users responsible for taking them.

This live event feed updates in real time; as new CloudWatch events occur, they are added immediately to the list.

As with many DivvyCloud features displaying cloud information, you can scope your clouds by account and/or badge.

EDH Events

Note: You can create a CSV download of EDH events using the download button to the right of the Reload/Refresh button:

EDH Analytics

The EDH Analytics tab displays a timeline of CloudWatch events. These events are shown as a composite; events are displayed simply as 'Events', regardless of the type of event. For details on specific events, use the Events tab (above).

EDH Analytics


EDH Documentation

Selecting the Documentation tab on the Event-Driven Harvesting option of the Clouds main page brings you to the this document.

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