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InsightCloudSec by Rapid7 (formerly DivvyCloud) is a Cloud-Native Security Platform that provides real-time analysis and automated remediation for continuous security and compliance for your multi-cloud environment.

For questions reach out to us through [email protected].

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Enabling Opt-In Regions

Instructions for Enabling AWS Opt-In Regions

InsightCloudSec includes support for several AWS regions with the "opt-in" classification. Currently those are: Bahrain me-south-1, Hong Kong ap-east-1, Cape Town af-south-1, and Milan eu-south-1. Each of these regions are AWS “opt-in” regions and require additional configuration to be enabled.

The screenshot below provides an example of how to enable the region in the AWS console.

Enabling Opt-In RegionsEnabling Opt-In Regions

Enabling Opt-In Regions

Once enabled, you will also need to update the STS token compatibility to allow InsightCloudSec to communicate with these regions.


Session Tokens

These tokens need to be enabled in the AWS account where your InsightCloudSec instance is deployed.

Without these changes, InsightCloudSec will be unable to retrieve information from these regions even if they are enabled.

For customers who prefer to keep these regions disabled, there are no changes required. Contact [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

To do this, visit the AWS console here and modify the Global Endpoint option to allow larger session tokens to the global endpoint (

Modifying Global EndpointsModifying Global Endpoints

Modifying Global Endpoints

Opt-In Region ChangesOpt-In Region Changes

Opt-In Region Changes

A full list of AWS Regions can be found here.

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Enabling Opt-In Regions

Instructions for Enabling AWS Opt-In Regions

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