Summary - Cloud Reports

Information about Using the Cloud Reports Capability (Summary Tab on the Clouds Page)

A main feature of the Clouds functionality in InsightCloudSec is the variety of reports available to help you understand your overall cloud footprint, your individual clouds, and your harvesting details.

These reports and details are accessible under "Clouds --> Summary" or by selecting an individual cloud account by its name from the Clouds landing page.

Selecting the Summary option gives you the expected summary details while selecting an individual cloud allows you to examine details specific to that account.


Cloud Report Options


Cloud Account Detail Page

For detailed information click on the name of an individual cloud account to bring you to the Cloud Account Detail Page.

[Cloud Account


Before getting starting with Cloud reports you will need to have the following:

  • A functioning InsightCloudSec platform
  • At least one or more connected cloud accounts; if you have no cloud accounts connected, refer to our instructions on Cloud Account Setup & Management.
  • The appropriate permissions to view the cloud account details

For issues or questions, you can contact us through any of the options outlined on the Getting Support page.

Summary Reports for Your Overall Cloud Footprint

To access the summary reports for your overall cloud footprint, select the "Summary" tab from the main Clouds landing page.

Cloud Account Coverage

The "Cloud Account Coverage" summary shows which of your cloud accounts are connected to InsightCloudSec. This page, accessible under the Summary tab, includes access to the InsightCloudSec Status, Cloud, Name, Account ID and Payer Account (AWS only at this time), timestamp, and status.

The greater the percentage of cloud accounts that are connected to InsightCloudSec, the greater the visibility into your overall cloud footprint and performance.

Summary of Cloud Account Coverage

Summary of Cloud Account Coverage

Resource Counts

This report summarizes the resource counts for selected clouds. This report provides an overview into your large billable resources.

Selecting any of the hyperlinked fields will take you to the applicable resource pages (e.g., instances, volumes, etc.) with additional details about those particular resources.


Summary of Resource Counts

Cloud Provider Count

This view shows you the number of accounts per cloud provider.


Summary of Cloud Providers by Count