Cloud Account Setup & Management

Instructions on Connecting and Managing Your Cloud Accounts with InsightCloudSec

Cloud Account Support Overview

InsightCloudSec currently supports adding a cloud account from the following Cloud Service Providers (CSPs):

Click on any of the links above to view specific instructions for the CSPs. If you are looking for details around Clusters or setting up Kubernetes refer to the Clusters Account Setup & Management page, and details around our Kubernetes Scanners.

Contact us through the Customer Support Portal with any questions.

Connecting Cloud Accounts

First-time Users - Onboarding

First time users can sign in to InsightCloudSec and will immediately be directed to the new cloud onboarding experience. This onboarding workflow can be used to connect a cloud account (or accounts) for any of the CSPs we support.

First-time User - Onboard a Cloud Account

First-time User - Onboard a Cloud Account

To get started, select "Onboard a Cloud Account", choose your CSP, and follow the steps to complete the onboarding.

  • For customers with multiple CSPs each provider will have to be onboarded individually.


First-time Users Missing Onboarding

If you accidentally navigate out of the First-time onboarding experience and do not have any cloud accounts connected - Navigate to "Cloud --> Cloud Accounts" and click on "Add Cloud" to launch the onboarding.

Returning Users - Onboarding

For customers with existing cloud accounts, navigate to "Cloud --> Cloud Accounts" and select "Add A Cloud".

This launches the onboarding workflow and will allow you to add additional cloud accounts for a new CSP, or to add additional accounts for a CSP you have connected previously.

Onboarding Instructions for Individual Providers

Refer to the links below for step-by-step instructions for all of our support CSPs for the new onboarding process.

Managing Existing Cloud Accounts

View All Cloud Accounts

Under "Cloud Accounts --> Listing" you will find a list of all cloud accounts for your specified Organization(s). Visit the Cloud Accounts page for overview details of each tab available under Cloud Accounts.

Individual Cloud Account(s)

Clicking on the name of an individual cloud account, will bring you to the Cloud Account Detail Page, where you can review information specific to that account including:

  • Viewing overview information for the account (total resources, harvest result visualizations, etc)
  • Harvest info (and settings)
  • Viewing/editing general cloud settings

View an Individual Cloud Account Page

Deleting a Cloud Account

Users with the appropriate permissions can remove a cloud account from InsightCloudSec through the Clouds Listing page.

Two important items to note:

  • Removing the cloud account via this method will only remove it from the InsightCloudSec application
  • To fully remove or delete a cloud account you will need to do so through the CSP

1. Select the desired cloud account by clicking on the name in the Listing age and navigate to the "Settings" tab.

2. Click the "Remove Cloud Account" button to remove the target cloud account from the InsightCloudSec application.


Account Part of Organization

If the account you're removing is part of an existing CSP Organization that is recognized by InsightCloudSec, the account ID will be automatically added to that organization's "skip" list so the account will not be harvested in the future.

Remove an Individual Cloud Account

Remove an Individual Cloud Account

Cloud Organizations


Cloud Organizations vs. InsightCloudSec Organizations

This functionality should not be confused with the InsightCloudSec-specific Organizations capability that allows for multi-tenant functionality available under "System Administration --> Organizations".

In InsightCloudSec, the "Organizations" section of the platform is where you manage your connected cloud service provider-based Organization(s) a.k.a. Cloud Organizations.

This section of the tool allows you to add and remove Organizations and update configuration information for existing Organizations. Customers with existing Organizations can select an organization to view from the global navigation.


Clouds - Organizations Tab

The Organizations tab/page is accessible under the Cloud heading, "Cloud --> Cloud Accounts --> Organizations".

  • Use the "Search" bar to filter through your Organizations

Adding an Organization

From the Organizations tab, click "Add Organization" to get started. InsightCloudSec currently supports adding a Cloud Organization for Amazon Web Services, Azure , and Google Cloud Platform

Modifying an Organization

Locate the Cloud organization you wish to modify and select the "Edit" (pencil icon) to the left of the Organization name. This will open a side panel and (with the appropriate permissions) will allow you to modify the organization fields (these fields will vary based on the Cloud Service Provider that the organization is associated with).


Modify an Existing Organization

Deleting a Cloud Organization from InsightCloudSec

Select the checkbox next to an Organization to enable the option to remove it

  • Note: This will not delete the Organization within the associated Cloud Service Provider; it will just stop harvesting information for the Organization (and its child accounts) and remove it from InsightCloudSec

Enabling Deletion of an Organization