Cloud Account Setup & Management

Instructions on Connecting and Managing Your Cloud Accounts with InsightCloudSec

Setting Up Cloud Accounts

InsightCloudSec currently supports adding a Cloud account from the following service providers:

Note: Click one of the links above to view instructions for adding the respective Cloud account. Contact us through the Customer Support Portal with any questions.

Whether you are connecting your first cloud account or adding a new cloud account, the process is the same. The "Clouds" screen displays for new users with no cloud accounts and can be accessed through the main navigation from "Cloud --> Clouds", where you can select the "Add Cloud" button on the landing screen or in the upper-right corner.


Adding Cloud Accounts Interface

Select your cloud service provider from the available options. If you don't see your provider on the initial screen, click "See More" to expand the full list.


Add a Cloud Account

Managing Existing Cloud Accounts

Clouds (Main Landing Page)

The Clouds Listing Page displays a list of all cloud accounts for your specified Organization(s). For details on what is displayed check out the Clouds page for overview details of each tab.

Clouds Overview Page (Individual Cloud Accounts)

Check out the Clouds Overview Page to review the information and instructions around managing your existing cloud accounts including viewing overview information for the account (total resources, harvest result visualizations, etc), harvest info (and settings), and general cloud settings.

Cloud Organizations


Cloud Organizations vs. InsightCloudSec Organizations

This functionality should not be confused with the InsightCloudSec-specific Organizations capability that allows for multi-tenant functionality available under "System Administration --> Organizations".

In InsightCloudSec, the "Organizations" section of the platform is where you manage your connected cloud service provider-based Organization(s) a.k.a. Cloud Organizations.

This section of the tool allows you to add and remove Organizations and update configuration information for existing Organizations. Customers with existing Organizations can select an organization to view from the global navigation.


The Organizations page (to create and edit) is accessible under the Cloud heading, "Cloud --> Clouds --> Organizations".

  • Use the "Search" bar to filter through your Organizations
  • Select the checkbox next to an Organization to enable the option to remove it
    • Note: This will not delete the Organization within the associated Cloud Service Provider; it will just stop harvesting information for the Organization (and its child accounts) and remove it from InsightCloudSec

Adding an Organization

From the Organizations page, click "Add Organization" to get started. InsightCloudSec currently supports adding a Cloud Organization from the following service providers:

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