AWS SaaS Configuration

Overview of AWS integration with the SaaS version of InsightCloudSec


New AWS Onboarding

As of InsightCloudSec version 23.4.11, a new AWS onboarding experience is available. This experience will replace the old setup experience and you will not be able to access it. This page and associated pages have been archived to prevent confusion. Review AWS - Onboarding for more details on the new experience.

As usual, if you have issues or need support reach out to us through the Customer Support Portal with any questions.

SaaS/Hosted customers have two main options for integrating their AWS environments with InsightCloudSec:

If you need more information about the AWS services InsightCloudSec supports, review AWS Support Reference; if you need more information about the permissions InsightCloudSec requires to harvest resources within your AWS account(s), review AWS Policies.