AWS Overview & Support

Getting Started with AWS and InsightCloudSec


New AWS Onboarding

Beginning with InsightCloudSec version 23.4.11, a new AWS onboarding experience is available. This experience replaces our previous onboarding process. Review AWS - Onboarding for more details.

As usual, if you have issues or need support reach out to us through the Customer Support Portal with any questions.

After InsightCloudSec is successfully installed, you're ready to enable visibility into your target AWS Organization(s) and/or cloud account(s). This documentation details configuring your Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment to "talk" with InsightCloudSec securely. Review the sections below to determine the best starting point for your environment.

AWS Support

What does InsightCloudSec support from AWS?

As one of the leading public cloud service providers, InsightCloudSec provides broad support for Amazon Web Services (AWS). Review the full list of AWS-specific supported services on the AWS Support Reference page.

How do I start seeing my AWS environment(s) in InsightCloudSec?

InsightCloudSec relies on a process called "harvesting" to pull data from various CSPs. Review AWS - Onboarding for details.

What do I do after my environment(s) is being harvested?

After at least one AWS account is harvested by InsightCloudSec, you're free to configure additional AWS services as necessary to enhance, optimize, or further secure your experience. Review AWS Additional Configuration for more information. Note: The items in this section were written in the AWS Commercial context.

How can I optimize harvesting?

InsightCloudSec harvesting is the term we use to describe the process of data collection from a selected cloud service provider (CSP) within InsightCloudSec. Check out our Harvesting Overview documentation to understand the basics and refer to Harvesting Strategies for details on specific strategies.

In addition, for AWS, InsightCloudSec offers Event-Driven Harvesting, which requires additional configuration but optimizes harvesting by only pulling in new data when certain AWS CloudWatch Events occur. Review our AWS Event-Driven Harvesting documentation for more information.

Modifying and Deleting Existing AWS Cloud Accounts

Managing an Existing AWS Cloud Account

For general information about managing existing AWS Cloud accounts, check out the Clouds section and subsections on Cloud Account Setup & Management.

Information about viewing the details of a single cloud account is available on the Cloud Account Detail Page.

Deleting AWS Cloud Accounts

Cloud accounts can be deleted through their individual page, details on deleting a cloud account are available here.