AWS Additional Configuration

Miscellaneous AWS Configuration Options for InsightCloudSec

Depending on how your AWS environment is configured and/or the types of services and regions you use, you may want to configure some additional things outside of the general InsightCloudSec cloud setup process. Review the sections below to determine what's applicable for your environment.


Configuration Support

If you have questions about any of these configurations, contact us through the Customer Support Portal.

Enabling Opt-In Regions

If you use one or more of AWS regions with the "opt-in" classification, they'll need to be configured so that InsightCloudSec can properly harvest services hosted in those regions. Review Enabling Opt-In Regions for more information.

Using GuardDuty with InsightCloudSec

If you use AWS GuardDuty to detect threats within your AWS environment, you'll need to configure it to allow InsightCloudSec to harvest your AWS data. Review Trusting InsightCloudSec with AWS GuardDuty for more information.

Using AWS Billing Bucket with InsightCloudSec

If you are still using the legacy AWS Billing Bucket report, InsightCloudSec can harvest that billing information. Note: The AWS Detailed Billing Report feature is unavailable for new AWS customers as of 07/08/2019. In addition, we provide instructions on using InsightCloudSec with the newer Cost & Usage report.

Review AWS Billing Bucket & Cost and Usage for more information on both of these reporting capabilities.

Miscellaneous AWS Services Configuration

InsightCloudSec can harvest additional information about select AWS services, provided you complete some configuration. Review AWS Service Configuration for details on which services are supported.

Using Your Own SSL Cert with ELB

Customers interested in supplying their own certificate for ELB should refer to the following AWS documentation: