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Amazon SES

DivvyCloud has the ability to utilize Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) as an SMTP server to generate emails.


SES is available in the following regions:

US East 1 (N. Virginia)
EU West 1 (Ireland)
US West 2 (Oregon)

SES Setup

SES setup consists of two parts; one part is completed in the AWS console, the other in the DivvyCloud tool.

In the AWS Console

1. Verify your Email Address:
a. Navigate to SES inside AWS (under Customer Engagement: Simple Email Service).


Note: SES may not be available in all regions. Be sure you select a region which allows email.

b. Click on Email Addresses (in the navigation menu under Identity Management).
c. Click on Verify a New Email Address.
d. Fill out the intended email address.
e. Click Verify This Email Address.

d. Go to the mailbox for that email address and open the Amazon Web Services – Email Address Verification Request email; select the verification link.


It may take up to an hour for the verification email to arrive in your Inbox. Your email will be marked as "pending verification' on AWS' Verified Emails screen until the verification process is complete.

e. Ensure that your email has been verified. After selecting the verification link, return to the list of Verified Emails on the AWS console, and verify a green check by your email address.

2. Generate your SMTP credentials:
a. Click on SMTP Settings (under SES Home on the AWS navigation menu).
b. Click on Create My SMTP Credentials.

c. Fill out the intended IAM User Name. You can create your own user name or you can accept the default user name. Click Create.

d. Either record or download the generated credentials. (Download is accessed from the blue button, bottom right of screen.)

In DivvyCloud

3. Add the SMTP server to DivvyCloud
a. Select System Administration (under Administration) on the navigation menu, then select the Organizations tab.
b. Click on the Actions hamburger for the target organization; then select Configure SMTP Settings.

c. Enter the Hostname for the selected region. (The hostname is dependent on the region where you created your SES email. In the example below, the sender was created in the us-east-1 region, so the hostname is for us-east-1).
d. Choose the port you want to use (25, 465 or 587).
e. Check the SSL box to encrypt communications.
f. Enter the SMTP Username in the username box with the access key from your SES credentials.
g. Enter the SMTP Password in the password box with the secret access key from your SES credentials.
h. Enter the email address of the verified email address.
i. An optional list of whitelisted recipient domains.

You will need to scroll through the dialog to access all of these inputs.

4. Test Your Configuration
a. Click on Configure SMTP Settings again (from the action hamburger next to your target organization).
b. Click Test to verify the settings are correct.

Next Steps

After your SES SMTP configuration settings are verified, you can then begin to use Insight subscriptions, compliance scorecard subscriptions, and BotFactory email actions.

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Amazon SES

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