Kubernetes Scanner Release Notes 1.10.0

Packages Included

Helm chart version - 1.10.0
Internal components and their versions are found in the chart value file. You can easily view the data using the following command:

helm show values <chart name> | grep -E 'Name:|Version:'

New and Enhanced

  • Self-signed certificate support - In some cases customers would like to use self-signed HTTPS certificate for ICS on-Prem installations such that the scanner can handshake using such certificate hiter against ICS platform or external proxy. It is now possible to add the self-signing CA key to the guardrails scanner via HELM chart installation. Refer to the Kubernetes Security Guardrails documentation for additional details . [ENG-11219]

  • Scanner relocated to a new repository - k8s scanner artifacts artifacts migrated from Alcide repositories to a new repository with Rapid7 branded URL. New helm repository is located at helm.rapid7.com/cloudsec. [ENG-10942]

Bug Fixes

  • [ ENG-11914] Unable to set badges - Helm Installation failed when trying to set badges via chart values

Known Issues

No known issues to report for this release.