22.3.8 Release Notes

InsightCloudSec Software Release Notice - 22.3.8 Minor Release (06/23/2022)


Our latest Minor Release 22.3.8 is available for hosted customers on Thursday, June 23, 2022. Availability for self-hosted customers is Friday, June 24, 2022. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a hosted customer, reach out through our Customer Support Portal.



For self-hosted customers upgrading from a release including or prior to 22.3.5, this upgrade will require longer-than-usual times to accommodate several database schema changes. (If you have already upgraded to 22.3.6 or 22.3.7 you will not be impacted.)

Depending on your installation, upgrade times of up to two hours may be required. The upgrade process should not be interrupted, so plan accordingly.

Release Highlights (22.3.8)

InsightCloudSec is pleased to announce Minor Release 22.3.8. This Minor Release provides updates to allow dynamic scheduling for both AliCloud and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This release introduces the ability to determine if AWS accounts have a basic support plan (via Query Filter). We have provided updates to the preview message button for several Bot actions and added one new Bot action to disable Azure Service Buses with public access (for the Premium tier). 22.3.8 includes one revised permission (AliCloud), 4 new Query Filters, 1 enhanced Query Filter and 8 bug fixes.

For our Cloud IAM Governance module, we have details around two feature enhancements and one bug fix.

Contact us through the new unified Customer Support Portal with any questions.

Permissions (22.3.8)


Updated Permission: AliCloud

Change Permission: AliCloud
Change "oss:GetWebsite" to "oss:GetBucketWebsite"

Additional information on this AliCloud policy can be found in Create a Custom Policy. [ENG-17548]

Features & Enhancements (22.3.8)

  • Expanded dynamic scheduling support to AliCloud and Oracle. [ENG-17057]

Resources (22.3.8)


  • Expanded AWS EDH support to cover ECR-Public. [ENG-17481]

  • Added the ability to capture whether AWS accounts have basic support plan, and added the Query Filter Cloud Account With Premium Support Plan (AWS). [ENG-14384]

Query Filters (22.3.8)


  • Autoscaling Group Desired Capacity - New Query Filter identifies AWS Autoscaling Groups based on their desired capacity. [ENG-17136]

  • Database Cluster With/Without Publicly Available Database Instances (AWS) - New Query Filter to identify Database Clusters With/Without Publicly Available Database Instances. [ENG-15205]

  • Cloud Account With Premium Support Plan (AWS) - New Query Filter identifies whether AWS accounts have a basic support plan. [ENG-14384]


  • Service Bus Publicly Accessible (Azure) - New Query Filter can be used to find Azure Service Buses with public access enabled. [ENG-14980]


  • Storage Container Used As CDN Origin - Enhanced Query Filter to accept an ignore list of domain names. [ENG-12515]

Bot Actions (22.3.8)

  • Added the Preview Message button to several Bot actions that are compatible with Jinja2. [ENG-17136]

  • “Disable Service Bus Public Access (Premium Tier Only)” - New Bot action can be used to disable Azure Service Buses with public access. Note: The ability to disable via Bot action is only available to Premium Tier Service Buses. [ENG-14980]

Bug Fixes (22.3.8)

  • [ENG-17473] Changed the backend harvesting for Azure AKS clusters private_cluster to correctly identify AKS clusters with the private cluster setting enabled/disabled.

  • [ENG-17148] Fixed an issue where missing container analysis API was incorrectly handled in the ResourceVulnerabilityHarvester.

  • [ENG-17125] Fixed an issue with Query Filter Route Table With/Without VPC Endpoint Route Entry (AWS) that caused initial queries without the 'With' flag set to true to return the incorrect results.

  • [ENG-17124] Fixed a bug with improper filtering by the selected cloud type(s) in the summary view.

  • [ENG-17087] Fixed a bug where the incorrect provider ID was being referenced for the AWS Trusted Advisor check Exposed Access Keys.

  • [ENG-17019] Fixed an edge case where some failing Insights were not showing in the detail view.

  • [ENG-16958] Improved performance for the Container Vulnerability Assessment feature under high load of new images.

  • [ENG-16168] Fixed a pagination bug in the Compliance Scorecard view that didn't honor the selected page setting.

Cloud IAM Governance (Access Explorer) Updates - 22.3.8 Minor Release (06/23/2022)


The following updates are related to enhancements and bug fixes for our Cloud IAM Governance (Access Explorer) capabilities.

Contact us at Customer Support Portal with any questions.

Cloud IAM Governance Features & Enhancements (22.3.8)

  • Made Least Privileged Access (LPA) Athena setup more resilient in handling Cloudtrail Source failures. [ENG-17494]
  • Added new permissions as documented by AWS. [ENG-17026]

Cloud IAM Governance Bug Fixes (22.3.8)

  • [ENG-15334] Fixed a bug that prevented the cache from building for some IAM module users. This bug only affects those environments that include a principal belonging to multiple groups, at least one of which has a statement with NotAction syntax.