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InsightCloudSec Software Release Notice - 22.1.0 Major Release (01/19/2022)

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InsightCloudSec Software Release Notice - 21.7.8 Minor Release (01/12/2022)

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Kubernetes Scanner Release Notes 1.10.0

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21.4.7 Release Notes - InsightCloudSec


Announcing InsightCloudSec

Last week on July 7, 2021 we shared our rebrand with customers. This week, we are pleased to present the 21.4.7 InsightCloudSec by Rapid7 Release Notes.

Our release notes, that you know and love, will continue to have all of the same detailed content for our product just under our new Rapid7 product name.

  • The DivvyCloud/InsightCloudSec product documentation is actively under renovation. While our URL (docs.divvycloud.com) will stay the same for the interim, the logo and naming have been revised to reflect our new name.

  • Additional updates for all content, including logos, text, screen captures, and feature documentation, are ongoing. For the next several weeks/months the documentation may reference either InsightCloudSec or DivvyCloud.

The most important thing to note is that the product functionality has remained the same. If you have any questions or concerns, we are always here to help. Reach out to us through [email protected].

21.4 Release Notes

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