Top Level ResourcesΒΆ

As of this writing DivvyCloud supports over 50 different resource types, far too many to display in one unified view. We denote certain resources as “top level resources”, which simply means they are a resource we consider to be a first class citizen. These resource types are flagged as True when calling is_top_level_resource() against the resource ID. The code snippet below illustrates this concept:

from DivvyResource.ResourceIds import ResourceId
resource_id = ResourceId.from_string('instance:10:us-east-1:i-6a8f369b:')
print resource_id.is_top_level_resource()
>>> True

A list of our top level resources is included below for reference:

  • Instances
  • Volumes
  • Snapshots
  • Access Lists
  • Public IPs
  • Networks
  • Load Balancers
  • Database Instances
  • Cache Instances
  • Hypervisors
  • Object Storage
  • DNS Zones
  • Images