Tag Explorer

With the remote, virtualized and dynamic characteristics of cloud platforms, tagging has become the industry standard for effectively managing cloud infrastructure at scale. DivvyCloud’s Tag Explorer allows you to audit and identify resources that contain (or do not contain) one or more tag keys. It supports many of the popular resource types used today across compute, storage (with the exception of snapshots), networking and identity management.

Tag Explorer can assist teams of all types (operations, IT, security and development) to know what’s what and act appropriately on the right resources. Effective tagging coupled with DivvyCloud’s automation capabilities allows your organization to add guardrails for your cloud infrastucture: identifying security risks, enforcing industry standards such as GDPR, and improving governance and cloud cost management.

Audit Tagging

Begin by clicking “Get Started”.


The Tag Configuration window will appear on the right side. From there, you can input the tag keys of interest. This will return a resource table listing tag values for each tag key. If the tag key does not exist, the value will be empty. You can override this behavior by using checkboxes to return only resources containing or missing all input tag keys.

If you wish to focus on specific resource types, e.g., Instances, Database Instances, and Big Data Instances, you can select those resource types from the drop-down list. Otherwise, all taggable resources will be returned.


You can also focus your results by clicking ‘Scopes’ on the top right corner. The Scope Configuration window will appear on the right side. You can filter the result set by Cloud Accounts or Badges.

For Clouds, check the box for each Cloud Account you’d like to include. You can use the search bar to help find your target Clouds.

For Badges, click on the “Select Badges” text box and a drop-down list will appear with all available badges from your list of clouds. Selecting the badge Environment: Production, for example, will automatically scope all cloud accounts with that badge. By clicking the “Must Have All Badges” checkbox, you turn the Badge scope operation from an OR operation to an AND operation.


Tag Explorer’s output is a visual breakdown of tagged/untagged resources above a table view of all resources. You can search this list in DivvyCloud or download a CSV of this data for your reporting/distribution purposes.