17.07 Release Notes

The 17.07 release continues the expansion of DivvyCloud’s AWS support. Specifically, we now support AWS Elastic File System Service (EFS), a shared file storage solution, as a Resource type and with that support comes relevant capabilities with Insights, filters, and Bots.

In addition, DivvyCloud now supports the ability to encrypt and lock down AWS S3 buckets via the UI and automatically via BotFactory. In an environment when data exposure is repeatedly in the headlines, this capability is a powerful tool in safeguarding corporate data.

Release Highlights

  • Added AWS EFS support with capabilities for Insights, filters, and Bots
  • Able to encrypt and lockdown AWS S3 buckets via the UI and BotFactory
  • Able to filter and automate against AWS S3 buckets based upon encryption bucket policies
  • Able to auto tag child resources to mirror the tags of the parent via automated Bot action
  • Added AWS Autoscaling Groups support capabilities including Insights, filters, and Bots
  • Added AWS Application Load Balancer actions
  • Created Insight, filter, and Bot to:
    • Discover AWS EC2s operating in “non-approved” VPCs
    • Identify AWS EC2s using default SGs/NACLs
    • Identify AWS ELBs with and without deletion protection

New Insights, Filters, & Bots

  • Users are able to view shared insights and save personal Insights
  • Templates overview and navigation page
  • Improvements to badge functionality (see an explanation for how this functionality can support your cloud management). Now able to:
    • Scope Bots with badges
    • Manipulate badges in UI more easily
    • Assign badges to Organizations
  • Added a “Time To Live” Bot that schedules tagged resources for deletion
  • Bulk Email action that aggregates Bot results and sends within single email
  • Able to send Slack messages to addresses specified in tag values

General Improvements

  • Updated pricing data for GCP, Azure, and AWS
  • Updated Resource attributes (see Instances for an example)
  • Added cloud to supported resource types
  • Added “Encrypted” column to storage container resource listing
  • Able to Associate/Disassociate Public IP addresses

Developer/Administrator Notes


IMPORTANT: For customers not using Docker. The python dependency LibCloud is no longer installed separately. Before installing update, run pip uninstall divvylibcloud on all machines to remove from virtual environment.

IMPORTANT: In order to take advantage of new AWS capabilities, you must update your AWS DivvyCloud IAM policy. The current AWS IAM Read Only and Power User policies are here.

API Route changes: Api endpoints for plugin/divvyup/* and plugin/botfactory/* have now been moved into core and are namespaced v2/public/divvy/* and v2/public/botfactory/* respectively.

  • Added support for redis authentication