17.05 Release Notes

The 17.05 release focuses on cross-cloud support with an emphasis on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and adds integration support for Splunk and ServiceNow. This release also adds more Custom Query Filters, tagging support, and Bot Templates to accelerate discovery and resolution processes via automation.

Release Highlights

Google Cloud Platform and VMware Support

  • Added tagging support for GCP volumes and snapshots
  • Faster GCP harvesting
  • Display of VMware datacenter with instances

New Filters & Bots

  • Bot to restore AWS default VPCs for regions without
  • Bot to identify database instances open to the public
  • Bot action that can send emails based upon tag values
  • Filter testing encryption of AWS S3 buckets by inspecting bucket policies
  • Filter counting network interfaces
  • Filters for hypervisors and datastores

General Improvements

  • Updated pricing data for GCP, Azure, and AWS
  • Added JSON formatting with indent parameter to event.resource.serialize()
  • Added function, event.resource.serialize_tags(), to Jinja2 templating. Recommend using indent=2, e.g., event.resource.serialize_tags(index=2)
  • Improved Bot resource group curation speed by 2x
  • Improved error handling of AWS duplicate tag keys
  • Improved storage of AWS encryption keys to include key aliases
  • Bot noncompliance view can display parent clouds, regions, and resources if desired

Developer/Administrator Notes

  • MySQL 5.7 is required. Please contact DivvyCloud at support@divvycloud.com if you would like assistance migrating from MySQL 5.5 or 5.6

  • To enable worker multiprocessing, update your divvy.json to include:

    "divvycloudworker": {
        "multiprocessing": true
  • Corrected display of region name in non-compliance reports

  • Improved user search when adding users via external Microsoft Active Directory authentication servers

  • IPv6 support for route tables resources

  • Improved API rate limiting when harvesting via a new exponential back-off strategy