17.04 Release Notes

The 17.04 release focuses on cross-cloud support with an emphasis on Azure. This release also adds more Custom Query Filters, lifecycle support, and Bot Templates to accelerate discovery and resolution processes via automation.

Release Highlights

  • Improvements in cross-cloud support for Azure, OpenStack, and GCE
  • New filters, lifecycle support, and bots. For example,
  • Able to run job scheduler in “turbo” mode to schedule jobs more quickly

Cross Cloud Support

  • Azure:
    • Added the ability to inspect, tag, and delete Disks, Snapshots, and Network Security Groups
    • Added the ability to tag Virtual Machines
    • Added Virtual Machine pricing data which feeds into monthly cost filter and bots
    • Harvesting average CPU, which can be used to target underutilized Virtual Machines
    • Added harvesting for Resource Groups and Region Limits
  • OpenStack: Added ability to shelve/unshelve Instances manually and via bot automation

New Filters & Actions

  • Route Tables:
    • Route Table does/does not have internet access
    • Route Table set as main
    • Route Table orphaned
    • Route Table has inactive route
    • Match Route Table by destination type, e.g., Internet gateway, VPC peer, etc., white/black list
  • Load Balancer: Load Balancer with/without SSL listener

General Improvements

  • More bots: Load Balancers and Service Encryption Keys
  • Impact dashboard able to save compliance widget preferences

Developer/Administrator Notes

  • Job Scheduler “turbo” requires additional worker node CPU utilization to deliver immediate job processing. To enable “turbo”, update your divvy.json file accordingly, e.g.,

    "divvycloudjobscheduler": {
        "loglevel": 2,
        "turbo": true
  • Improved AWS CPU harvesting efficiency

  • Corrected GCE Service Certificate harvesting bug to eliminate redundant modification hookpoints

  • Corrected AWS Elastic IP limit calculation by removing ephemeral IPs from count