16.09 Release Notes


The 16.09 release concentrated on system stability and the addition of several new resource types. Upgrade instructions can be found under Server Management via Software Upgrade.

Release Highlights

  • Visibility into AWS Autoscaling Groups
  • Reserved instance support witin BotFactory (see filters & actions below)
  • OpenStack identity management visibility for user accounts
  • Support for recently announced AWS regions (us-east-2/ca-central-1)
  • Enhanced SSO/SAML support
  • Bot support for network interfaces, API keys, database and memcache snapshots
  • Support new AWS f1, r4 and t2 instance types
  • Google Compute Engine subnet support
  • Google Compute Engine SSL certificate support
  • OpenStack volume encryption and conversion group membership now harvested

New Filters & Actions

  • Added filters for max cores and memory which can help identify instances with excessive resources which may be incurring significant waste
  • Filter “snapshot_of_age” extended to support memcache and database snapshots
  • Reserved instance offering classes to identifty standard vs convertible RIs
  • Reserved instance scope to identifty RIs bound to availability zones or regions
  • Reserved instance duration to identifty one year vs three year instances
  • Reserved instance platform which filters on the Windows/Linux platform of the RI
  • Reserved instance expiration filter which identifies expired/soon to expire RIs
  • Added a new action to assign a defined tag key/value pair
  • Mark parent resource noncompliant which can be useful for security rules, API accounting and more

General Improvements

  • Improved select/multi-select input element with enhanced tagging capabilities
  • New user/add cloud experience improvements
  • AWS instance types are now harvested directly from AWS
  • On-demand actions are now more resilient to API provider failure
  • New column, create_time, added for snapshots which is stored as a datetime
  • Usernames no longer must be Emails and can adhere to any desired corporate mandated pattern
  • Scheduled day of week input within Bot creation wizard uses a select dropdown

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an edge case that prevented resource access list harvesting for Microsoft Azure ARM
  • Modification hookpoints now fire for memcache snapshots
  • Invalid bots can be reconfigured and/or archived
  • Added support for several missing Microsoft Azure instance states
  • Saving cloud harvest strategy settings properly assigns to other clouds of the same type
  • Duplicate bots are no longer created when going through the new user experience
  • Tag key/value pairs are now properly saved when harvesting resource access lists from AWS and Azure.

Developer/Administrator Notes

  • DivvyDbObjects directory/code structure has been reorganized into separate files per object type. This change should be transparent, but developers should be aware that resource definitions now live underneath DivvyDb/DbObjects/resources.

  • Snapshot create_time column is a replacement for start_time. The start_time column will be deprecated in 17.01 so please migrate any plugin using it after upgrading

  • Resource ID format for organization services has changed and is no longer a child of the resource group object. Please note the format change, which should be transparent, may require an update to custom plugins:

    # Old
    # New