Multiple Organizations (Enterprise Only)

Organizations provide complete isolation of Resources and Users for a DivvyCloud installation. All Cloud and DivvyCloud resources cannot be viewed, shared are transferred between organizations.

Organizations are briefly discussed in the Identity Management documentation. For further details about users and permissions see Identity Management.

The hierarchy of management can be understood as: Installation > Domains > Organizations > Groups/Roles/Users.

Installation (Enterprise Only)

An installation is the DivvyCloud software suite comprising of API/Webservers, Cloud Harvesting, Automation system and database. DivvyCloud can be deployed in a flexible manner from running entirely on a single server to scaling across multiple servers for performance and redundancy.

Domains (Enterprise Only)

Domains are a collection of Organizations and allow for domain administrators to manage Organizations.

Organizations (Enterprise Only)

Organizations allow for complete isolation between Cloud Accounts, resources and users on a installation. Cloud Accounts and their resources can only belong to one Organization and cannot be modified or viewed from another Organization.


With the exception of domain admins, users may only belong to a single Organization. Domain admins my change between organizations but within their current session cannot modify or view Cloud Accounts, or the cloud’s resources, without first changing to the correct organization.

Domain Admins

Since Organizations are maintained at the Domain level, managing Organizations requires Domain Admin privileges. For enterprise customers, during the installation process the first user created is a Domain Admin. When visiting the Domain Admin page in the Identity Management section of the tool you will see this initial user.


Additional Domain Admins can be created here. Be advised that Domain Admins have ‘Organization Admin’ privileges for all Organizations and permissions cannot be limited for these users.

Managing Organizations

Start by creating a new organization by navigating to the System Administration section of the tool. Only a name is required to create an Organization.


Once created, let’s test switching to the newly created Organization. Navigate to the Clouds section. Note in this screenshot, the current Organization already has one cloud account added.


Click on your User/Organization name in the main navigation menu.

This menu presents User profile, logout options, and Organizations with the current selected Organization marked ‘Active’. Org Admins and Basic Users do not see the Organization list and cannot change organization.


Changing Organization redirects the user to the dashboard page. Immediately you will notice the Cloud Accounts count as zero. Navigate to the clouds section to verify this Organization has no cloud accounts added.

Notice also the menu now reflects the new current Organization. When logging out, the same organization will be selected on the next login.