PagerDuty IntegrationΒΆ

This guide covers activating and using the PagerDuty integration for notification purposes, in response to an infrastructure noncompliance condition identified by DivvyCloud.

1.) Configure PagerDuty for external service enablement

From the PagerDuty Configuration menu select Services


2.) Click on Add New Service

Choose the Use our API Directly option in the Integration Settings section. When you are finished, submit your addition by selecting Add Service at the bottom of the page.


3.) Take note of the integration service key on the resulting page.


4.) Configure API Access Key

Select API Access in the configuration menu and then on the resulting screen select Create New API Key. A modal overlay will display which you can configure similar to the image below.


5.) Save the resulting API key

You will not be able to access the resulting API key again so copy it and store it somewhere secure. This data will be required to configure the integration.


6.) Update DivvyCloud Integration

Navigate back to the Integrations interface within DivvyCloud. Save your API and service keys in the appropriate input boxes and click on save.


7.) Leverage PagerDuty Action

Now that the PagerDuty integration is configured end-users within the organization can select and use the PagerDuty Incident action within DivvyCloud. Using this will post incident alerts to the PagerDuty console when compliance issues are identified.