Insights drive automation and allow you greater visibility into your infrastructure. They are a key piece of the DivvyCloud platform and can be used to simply report on resources, or instruct a bot on what resources to take action on. With the 17.08 release, DivvyCloud comes pre-packaged with 9 industry-regulation compliance packs (CIS, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53, etc) and over 100 individual insights into potential security/compliance issues, best practices, optimizations and more.

You have many options to interrogating your data. You can create your own insight for specific use cases to your organization, or use one of the 100+ insights that we have prerolled into the tool. Tracking insights over time on the dashboard gives great visibility to your most important issues.

With Insight Packs, you can ensure you are compliant with specific regulatory frameworks, or create your own pack and customize what insights are important to your organization. You are able to subscribe to your choice of packs to receive scheduled email updates with your compliance progress.



Found on the main navigation menu, Insights allow you to explore data that is meaningful to you. Create custom insights from the Resources Section or select from our DivvyCloud collection of templates. You can search through the insight templates by resource type or category.

Insight Templates

With DivvyCloud Insights, you can view policies that come out-of-the-box.


Clicking on an insight will take you to your resources view with the results of that insight. From there, you can modify filters (located at the top right) to best suit your needs, or edit the existing filters by clicking the pencil icon (located on the filters line). You can then can save that insight and track it on your dashboard as a custom insight, or label it as a favorite.


Once you’ve saved your insight, it will show up in Custom Insights. If you’ve marked that insight as a favorite, you can click the box Only Favorites and those will filter to show the insights you’ve saved as favorites. You can also click through to view the results on the resource page.


Custom Insights

To create custom insights, you can use the Resource Section to compile one or more filters for your targeted resources.


For this example, we will use the use case of identifying database instances with permissive security groups, that are also publicly accessible. Compile one or more filters you want to use for your insight. For this example, select Database Instances as your resource type, and your filters as “Instance is Publicly Accessible” and “Database Security Group Exposing Access”.


Once you’re finished building your insight with the filters of your choice, you can then click “Save Insight”. You will prompted to name and describe your insight, along with rating the severity. You also are give options to pin the insight as a favorite, and to assign yourself as the insight owner and therefore making it only viewable to yourself. (If you don’t click the box assigning this insight to yourself, it will be viewable by anyone in your organization).


Insight Packs

With the 17.08 release, DivvyCloud comes with 8 Insight Packs. These insight packs will help you keep your cloud infrastructure in compliance for several frameworks such as HIPAA, NIST 800-53 and CSF, ISO 27001, CIS and more.


You can dive deeper into your compliance issues by clicking on the pack you’d like to view, from the above view. You can see a global view of all your accounts or filter your view per cloud account.


From Featured Packs, you can click on the graph button to show charts and drill down on your total noncompliance, your non compliance by resource type, and compliance issues by cloud.


Going back to the main Insight Pack page, you are able to subscribe to pack reports via email. Start by managing your subscriptions. Give a nickname to the team you’d like to email, choose the notification schedule either daily or monthly, then enter the email recipients you’d like to include.


If you need to run an on-demand report of a specific Insight pack, simply click the envelope icon and choose your team to send the on-demand email report to. The pop up window will display the email address(es) your report is going to.


You’ll receive that email with a breakdown of all the insights that pertain to that specific framework, and your compliance count for your cloud footprint. You can also include your auditors in the email list, so they can view the control item number, directly under the insight name.


Custom Packs

Directly under the pre-packaged insight packs, is the ability to create your own custom pack. Below, you can see the custom packs that we have created as examples. To create your own, click Create Pack on the right.


You can name your pack and give it a description. Directly under the description, you have the option to including your logo URL for a more personalized feel.


Once your pack is created, go to the Insights Library. From there, select the insights you would like to add to your custom pack. You will see an action button pop up. Click it and choose “Add to Pack”. Then, you can select your custom pack to add your selected insights.


This flow allows you to have entire packs be the base for your new pack. For example, if you want to make a custom pack that has most or even all of the HIPAA insights, you can go to the HIPAA pack’s library view and choose as many insights as you want to add to a custom pack.