Filtering Insights With BadgesΒΆ

Badges can be used to enhance the already powerful functionality of Insights by allowing you to filter how you view your Insights’ results. Begin by selecting an Insight pack or by going directly to your library. From there, click on the “SCOPES” button.


The Scopes menu will slide in from the right side of the window. Click on the “Select Badges” text box and a drop-down list will appear with all available badges from your list of clouds.


As you select badges, both the list of clouds below your selections and the grayed-out results in the center of the window will dynamically change. By default, the results which appear are those which match at least one of the badges you select. To require that all badges must be matched for a result to appear, select “Must Have All Badges”.


When you are finished filtering your Insights, click the X at the top-right of the Scopes menu.