Limiting the Scope of Bots With BadgesΒΆ

As with Insights and Resources, Bots can be more precisely defined via badges. This process, as well the UI, is very similar to that used in Insights and Resources.

While creating or editing a bot, under the “2. RESOURCE TYPES & GROUPS” section, you will see a text box with drop down selection and a “Must Have All Badges” checkbox identical to those seen in Insights and Resources. Select the badges to which you would like to limit your bot’s scope. Additionally, check the “Must Have All Badges” checkbox to require that each included cloud have all selected badges, rather than at least one.


When your changes are finished, you will see the list of clouds against which your bot will run in the box below your selected badges.


When you are finished, continue creating/editing your bot as normal.

To view which badges, if any, are in use for a given bot, select it from your list of bots.


You will find the badges in the “Bot Scope” panel.