Insights drive automation and allow you greater visibility into your infrastructure. They are a key piece of the DivvyCloud platform and can be used to simply report on resources, or instruct a bot on what resources to take action on. With the 17.06 release, DivvyCloud comes pre-packaged with over 80 insight templates into potential security/compliance issues, best practices, optimizations and more. You have the option to create your own insight, or browse our Insight Store for specific use cases to your organization. Tracking insights over time on the dashboard gives great visibility to your most important issues.

Creating Insights

Found on the main navigation menu, Insights allow you to explore data that is meaningful to you. Create custom insights from the Resources Section or Select from our collection of templates in the Insight Store. You can filter through the insight templates by resource type or category.

Custom Insights

To create custom insights, you can use the Resource Section to compile one or more filters for your targeted resources.


For this example, we will use the use case of identifying database instances with permissive security groups, that are also publicly accessible. Compile one or more filters you want to use for your insight. For this example, we’ll choose “Instance is Publicly Accessible” and “Database Security Group Exposing Access”.


When you click “Save Insight”, you’re prompted to name and describe your insight, along with rating the severity. You also are give options to pin the insight to your dashboard to track resource counts over time, and to assign yourself as the insight owner and therefore making it only viewable to yourself. (If you don’t click the box assigning this insight to yourself, it will be viewable by anyone in your organization).


Insight Templates

In the Insight Store, you can use Resource Types and/or Categories to tailor what type of information you’re looking for on specific resources or use cases. You can view results of an insight by clicking “View” on the right side.


That will take you to your resources view with the results of that insight. You then have a chance to save that insight and track it on your dashboard.


You can also install insights from the insight store page. When you know what insight you want to use, simply click the checkbox next to the insight name, and click “Install Selected” on the top right.


Once you’ve saved them, they will show up in your “Saved Insights”. You can click through to view the results on the resource page.